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Like most people, you work tirelessly for your money, so you want a bank you can trust when it comes to spending, saving, and investing those hard-earned dollars. Chase Bank has earned a devoted clientele for instilling its customers with confidence that their money is in the right place and being properly managed. 

The Grossmont Center branch offers a wide variety of services for the utmost in financial convenience. Plus, its ideal location at the Center makes it simple for customers to take care of their banking needs while running other errands or spending a day visiting the many shops and restaurants here. 

“Customers may come in to make a simple deposit, open a new account, or even look into what type of mortgage they can get to purchase a home,” says General Manager Griselda Ceja. “We treat every transaction with equal importance and a dedication to providing everyone who comes here with terrific service as well as sound financial help. We want people to feel assured that their money is in the right hands.”

For customers on the go, Chase has drive-up service, and three ATMs available around the clock so that customers can make deposits or get cash in hand on their timeline. Inside the branch, friendly tellers are ready to assist customers with all types of transactions. Bank staffers work efficiently in order to keep people from waiting in long lines. Yet, they still take the time to answer questions and make sure customers are fully satisfied with their banking experience.

Chase customers can choose from many different kinds of financial products. Among the most essential are checking accounts. Three of the main accounts are Chase Total Checking®, Chase Premier Plus Checking℠, and Chase Sapphire℠ Checking. Each type of account offers specific benefits, which can include Chase Online Bill Pay℠, waived fees on money orders, and interest-earning capabilities. Chase also offers a checking account option specifically for high school and college students to get them off on the right foot financially. Opening a checking account at Chase is a simple process and is made even easier with the assistance of the staff, but it can also be done online. 

While it is necessary to spend money, it is also wise to save some, too. Chase Savings℠ and Chase Premier Savings℠ give customers the opportunity to set aside funds for rainy day emergencies while also earning interest on that money. Plus, customers can avoid monthly fees by maintaining a minimum balance or linking the savings account to a Chase checking account, among other qualifications. Chase checking account holders also have the choice to open a Certificate of Deposit (CD); among the benefits of a Chase CD are varying term options, fixed interest rates, and FDIC insurance to safeguard their investment. Customers who want to develop an investment portfolio can also do that with Chase, either through the You Invest℠ online program or by working directly with a J.P. Morgan financial adviser. Both options allow customers to work towards their financial goals with portfolios targeted to their specific needs. 

Along with checking and savings accounts, there is another financial necessity in modern life, and that is credit. Chase provides a wide variety of credit cards, and a bank employee can work with customers to determine which one will suit their lifestyle. Chase is renowned for offering credit cards where users reap rewards with every purchase, whether it is cashback, airline miles, or hotel points. For customers who have bigger purchases on the horizon, such as a car or house, Chase specializes in auto loans and mortgages, as well as refinancing plans for both. The Grossmont Center branch team has the expertise and knowledge to guide customers through the process, clearly explaining every step of the way so that there are no surprises with the final loan. Chase understands that these purchases are major life decisions, and the team works diligently to be a partner in these milestones with its customers. 

Chase is that rare financial institution that excels at both personal and business banking. For the latter, services include checking accounts, credit cards, software solutions, credit card processing systems, business loans and lines of credit. And for customers who require a more sophisticated level of options to meet their complex financial situations, Chase Private Client more than delivers with banking and investment services such as no-fee transactions on wire transfers or international debit card purchases, as well as access to a dedicated team of Private Client bankers and advisers.  

If money makes your world go ‘round, keep life spinning along smoothly by banking at Chase. With a wide array of services and financial products, and an experienced team ready to serve you, Chase proves that it is deeply invested in its customers’ financial health and well-being.

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