Candy Pros Satisfies Everyone’s Sweet Tooth

You may be a parent looking to fill the gift bags for your child’s big birthday party. Or you’re the office manager whose desktop bowl of sweets is running low thanks to snacking coworkers. Or you’re a teacher stocking up on classroom sweet treats, or perhaps a wedding planner or bride planning a lavish candy table for the reception. Whoever you may be, your delicious sweet fix is guaranteed to easily be taken care of  at Candy Pros.

Established at Grossmont Center in May 2016, Candy Pros specializes in bulk candy that’s perfect for parties, offices or any other social happening or special event where you want to offer sweet treats. The shop is the largest candy distributor in San Diego and is known for its one-of-a-kind selection, in terms of quantity, variety and low prices. It’s all housed in a space bursting with yummy candy of all colors that could pass for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, minus the Oompa-Loompas.

When thinking of ways to support your community and shop locally, choosing to make a purchase at Candy Pros is the way to go! The store is owned and operated by Younan and Maysoon Hallak’s four children: Sandra, Susan, Jonny and Nema. (All four siblings are hard at work whether it’s at the La Mesa store or at the warehouse in National City.) The Hallaks were born and raised in La Mesa and are proud to own a business in their hometown. It’s even sweeter for them that Candy Pros is based at Grossmont Center, which was the mall they went to and shopped at while growing up; they all remember their mother taking them with her to the center every weekend to shop and walk the dogs!

Their connection to the community is evident in the way they go above and beyond to provide the best customer service possible. The Hallaks and their dedicated staff at Candy Pros all work hard to accommodate customers and their special orders and provide expert direction and suggestions on candy selections to fit any budget and much more.

The Hallaks say they live and breathe candy and love what they do, and the result is truly an eye-popping and mouthwatering selection of sweets. Take a look at Candy Pros’ Yelp page and you’ll see reviewers who are blown away about the amount and selection of candy offered all in one place. The color-coordinated aisles also win praise for making shopping that much easier. Some of their notable  happy clients include high-profile names such as Neiman Marcus, Katy Perry and MTV to name a few.

You can find it all here: premium candy bars, sugar-free candies, taffy, candy toys, marshmallows, lollipops, jelly beans, gummy candies, chocolates, kosher sweets and much more. Candy brands run the gamut from Airheads to Zotz and everything in between. There is also a terrific selection of Mexican candies, as well as retro candies that trigger sweet reminiscences of childhood memories when customers see delicious candy such as a Big Hunk or Abba-Zabba bar.

The Hallaks say the most popular items are custom products made exclusively for Candy Pros that feature chamoy, the uniquely flavored Mexican specialty made from pickled fruit. That includes mango and strawberry sour chamoy belts, gummy bears soaked in chamoy and cherry fruit sours (seen and sold at Disneyland) covered in a chamoy powder. Candy Pros is also known for its custom Mexican candies and champagne-flavored gummy bears.

If you’ve got an event, Candy Pros is the place to go to create a unique candy buffet or delicious goody bags for your guests. Billed as the ultimate bulk candy supply store, the shop offers a wide selection of wrapped and unwrapped candies that can be customized for any occasion. Do you want candies that match the color of your event, a mix of nostalgic treats or the guest of honor’s favorite flavor of jelly beans? You can create anything and everything here. Candy Pros also sells apothecary jars, scoops, tongs, plastic favors, bags and other supplies for a complete one-stop-shopping experience. Plus, by ordering from Candy Pros, you save money on shipping and you avoid ending up with melted candy arriving on your doorstep. You get personalized attention and exactly what you want at a great price.

If you like, you can also order candy tailored to your special occasion. That can mean anything from pink and blue suckers for baby showers to Jordan Almonds enrobed in pretty pastels for Easter to candy leis for graduations.

Candy Pros is an important part of Grossmont Center and the La Mesa community. The Hallaks are proud to serve and make an impact on the community they live and work in.  Like many of the other center tenants, Candy Pros have special events; Candy Pros hosts a gingerbread workshop every year. Plus, Candy Pros aims to provide a wonderful customer service experience to everyone who comes through the doors, whether you’re buying a 5-pound bag of gummy bears or planning an office holiday party.

It’s important to buy local and support hard-working business owners such as the family behind Candy Pros. They say there’s special significance to not only owning a business in the community where they grew up, but also working together with other entrepreneurs in the area. They enjoy helping support one another’s businesses, and seeing local residents also shopping and supporting the stores – just makes the local community business owner experience that much more fulfilling.  Like Grossmont Center’s other “mom-and-pop” tenants, Candy Pros is part of the fabric of La Mesa’s business community, creating a tapestry of shops and restaurants that can’t be found anywhere else.  When you shop local at these stores, including Candy Pros, you support La Mesa’s thriving community—and that’s incredible sweet.

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