You Can See Clearly Thanks to Stanton Optical

Are you having trouble focusing your eyes? Unable to see things clearly? Hold off on booking that meditation retreat to get away from it all—perhaps you just need a new pair of glasses. Your eyesight is important and should be taken care of, especially if you have been noticing changes in your vision recently. At Stanton Optical, you can get an eye exam, glasses, and contact lenses, all in one convenient location at Grossmont Center.

“You need to take care of your eye health, which means getting eye exams regularly just as you would medical and dental exams,” says Stephanie Brown, field executive for the Grossmont Center location. “Stanton Optical wants eye health care services to be accessible and affordable to everyone. That is why we offer quality service that is honest, efficient, and fair.

Stanton Optical is a one-stop-shop for everyone’s vision needs—men, women, and children. Every purchase of prescription glasses or contacts includes a comprehensive eye exam. An independent optometrist conducts these vision tests, which include measuring visual acuity, autorefraction, lazy eye evaluation, and autokeratometry, which examines the cornea curvature for possible signs of astigmatism. This ensures you have the proper prescription to get a quality set of contacts or glasses

Once the prescription is ready, you get to pick out a stylish pair of frames! You are sure to find a pair that will make you look sharp, thanks to Stanton Optical’s eye-popping assortment of more than 3,000 pairs of frames. Cat-eye, round, oval, square, vintage style—you can find all kinds of fashionable looks that will suit your face shape and your personal style. You can find a funky, fuschia-colored pair that makes you stand out or go for a pair of wire-only frames that are classic and timeless. Plus, the shop also carries a wide variety of sunglasses for men and women. All eyewear at Stanton Optical is priced affordably, thanks to the shop’s close relationships with manufacturers. Every effort is made to get your frames, with their prescription lenses, ready for you as soon as possible. Be sure to inquire if your pair is covered by Stanton Optical’s NOW service, which guarantees your glasses will be ready in 15 minutes or less! If, for some reason, your glasses don’t turn out to be the right fit for you after you take them home, there is a 30-day exchange policy that allows you to get a different pair. 

In addition to prescription glasses, Stanton Optical also sells contact lenses. As with the glasses, the contacts are priced affordably so that anyone who wants to wear a pair can do so. Contact lenses are available from major manufacturers and are designed for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual wear schedules. The value packs—which include two boxes of lenses plus contact lens supplies—are a terrific deal.

That’s just one of the many special and discounts offered by Stanton Optical. You can keep even more cash in your wallet with deals that kick in when you use insurance (the optical shop accepts many major plans) or join the Vision Savings Club.

Guiding you through the process is the friendly and efficient team at Stanton Optical. Associates are extremely helpful in scheduling eye exams and explaining what is involved, and their expertise can help you wade through the selection of glasses to find your ideal match. They will work with you to make sure the frames are fitted properly to your face and that the final product gives you clear-cut vision. This attentive service is certainly appreciated by customers, who praise team members for going above and beyond to make sure everyone leaves happy. That can include price comparisons, assistance with insurance questions, and speedy and prompt repairs to fix broken or damaged glasses. Lost a screw or bent a temple so that the glasses are now askew on your face? Stanton Optical will solve those problems, so you don’t have to be without your glasses for too long!

Stanton Optical’s Grossmont Center location makes scheduling an eye exam convenient—you can slot it into a day of running errands or simply enjoy a nice lunch before or after your appointment. With plenty of parking and a freeway-accessible location, this optical shop is the ideal place to take care of your vision. As you can see, 20/20 eyesight is easily attainable at Stanton Optical. Don’t wait another day to schedule an exam and get a new outlook on the world!  

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