If your banking experience is limited to trips to the ATM or waiting in long lines to see a teller, then you are doing it wrong. Banking, when done right, can transform the way you look at money. Imagine working with a professional banker who knows your name, and your financial goals, too. Picture a friendly, welcoming branch office with experienced, knowledgeable service. Envision a dynamic bank with an array of financial services you can tailor to meet your needs. You can find all this, and more, at California Bank & Trust.

This award-winning, esteemed company has been in business in California for more than 60 years and has almost 100 branches throughout the state, including one at Grossmont Center. California Bank & Trust began when several independent banks decided to join forces. It has now grown to hold more than $10 billion in assets and has a global reach through its international banking group, while still retaining strong community-based focus.

“We truly offer the best of both worlds,” says Tim McDougal, manager for California Bank & Trust’s branch at The Center. “We are fully committed to serving our local community for their personal and business banking needs, with local decision-making power on important things such as small business loans. We also have a global reach, so we offer international banking services, too, for local companies who want expertise in currency fluctuations and worldwide trade transactions. We are dedicated to finding the perfect banking solutions for each and every customer.”

Those banking solutions run the gamut from convenient and comprehensive checking accounts to commercial real estate financing. California Bank & Trust’s professional bankers pride themselves on being at the forefront of financial service. They sit down and talk with each of their clients to get a better understanding of what they need and use their expertise and insight to craft the ideal financial plan.

In addition to checking accounts, personal banking options include savings, money market accounts, certificate of deposit, IRA money markets, online banking, and the ability to make deposits and payments via mobile phone. California Bank & Trust also offers personal Visa® credit cards with different reward programs and affordable APR on purchases—and no annual fees! Other services include mortgages, home equity lines of credit, loans for cars, boats, or RVs, and personal loans.

For clients interested in investing their money to make it grow for their future, the Premier Wealth Management program provides several attractive financial amenities. Advisors can give guidance on investment management, life insurance, and family wealth services such as trusts and estates. You have worked hard to earn your money, and Premier Wealth Management helps ensure that your money keeps working hard for you in sound investment plans. On the business side, clients can open checking or savings accounts, establish lines of credit, manage payroll, create employee stock ownership plans, and much more.

At California Bank & Trust, relationships are the foundation of their business. Bankers take the initiative to provide personalized, attentive service. They want to get to know their customers because that is how they get to know the community they serve. When you shop local or give your business to these types of establishments, you are making an investment in the character and economic health of your community. In turn, California Bank & Trust invests in the La Mesa community to help it thrive and prosper. The bank offers community development grants to organizations making a difference in areas such as affordable housing, small business development, and community economic development. Resources are also provided to businesses owned by women or minorities to encourage entrepreneurship. It’s easy to see why in 2018 California Bank & Trust was named San Diego’s “Best Bank” for the eighth year in a row and “Best Commercial Bank” for the fifth consecutive year in reader surveys in the San Diego Union-Tribune!

Shopping local—or banking local!—helps promote a healthy economy that has a wide-ranging impact on the community. On average, two-thirds of every dollar spent at a small business stays local, according to the Small Business Economic Impact Study. Jobs are created, and employees frequently spend their wages in the community. Money is also filtered to local suppliers and vendors, encouraging their businesses to grow. And sales tax revenue is funneled to city government in order to pay for municipal projects that continually improve the towns where people live, work, and shop. At Grossmont Center, we generate an astonishing 25% of La Mesa’s sales tax revenue, and our “Shop Local” tenants are valuable contributors to that impressive number.

Where you invest your money matters, in many different ways. At California Bank & Trust, you have a partner in your financial future. There is genuine care for your well-being, and the community’s, too. Stop by today and see what your banking experience should be like.

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