If you think burgers are juicy and delicious and fish and chips are crunchy and irresistible, meet your new BFF: Burgers, Fish & Fries. This restaurant in the Grossmont Center food court specializes in those dishes, plus many more. It is a great place to stop in and satisfy your craving for fish or burgers—or, with the BFF Famous Combo, both!

“We want to serve all our customers food that is hot, tasty, and fresh,” says owner Janna Shrijana Shahi. “We include the special, thoughtful touches that our customers appreciate. For instance, you don’t have to place a side order of fries with our burgers, sandwiches, wings, fish, or shrimp because they are automatically included. We also provide all the condiments people need to enhance their meals—not just ketchup or mustard, but tartar sauce and ranch dressing, too. We want everyone who eats a meal from Burgers, Fish & Fries to be satisfied.”

Let’s talk about the dishes that give Burgers, Fish & Fries its name. The made-to-order burgers feature delicious 100% Angus beef. Perhaps the best-known burger here is the California burger. Like a California burrito, it comes stuffed with French fries, as well as avocado, cheese, grilled onions, tomato, and lettuce. Other mouthwatering options include Bacon & Cheese, Swiss Mushroom, Chili Cheese, and the Razzle Dazzle BBQ. With a combo, you can get a hamburger or cheeseburger in a regular or quarter-pound size; for extra-hearty appetites, the double cheeseburger or quarter-pound double cheeseburger will hit the spot. Vegetarians can go for the Veggie Burger instead. All combos come with fries plus a drink.

If you have a hankering for something with a crunch, the fish will be your go-to dish. The fish filet is dipped in a fresh batter made in-house then fried until it is crispy and golden, but still tender and flaky on the inside. Fish & Chips combos are available in two-, three-, or five-piece sizes. The ultimate is the BFF Famous Combo, which is a fish filet, cheeseburger, and fries.

Many Burgers, Fish & Fries customers also love the shrimp. They are butterfly cut and fried in the same kind of seasoned batter as the fish. Combos come with six or eight pieces of shrimp.

It is a good thing that fries come with all those choices because you don’t want to miss out on those! Customers praise the perfectly cooked texture and the special seasoning dusted onto the fries. For a decadent splurge, add on another side order to your meal such as chili, coleslaw, onion rings, or green salad. One particular side draws raves from many diners, and that is the fried zucchini. The same expert frying technique applied to the fish and shrimp is used to elevate this average veggie to something special.

Though that menu sounds tempting enough, there is more! You can get a plain hot dog, top it with chili cheese or wrap it in bacon. Chicken wing orders come in sizes ranging from six to 20 pieces. Sandwich varieties include chicken, fish, BLT, or BLAT (the A is for avocado). The kids’ meal menu includes many of the regular menu choices, as well as corn dogs or chicken nuggets. Providing a fully balanced option, every meal comes with a drink and choice of fries or fruit.

Burgers, Fish & Fries has a charming ambiance, with its 1950s diner style. The drinks menu matches that vibe, with creamy root beer floats and frosty milkshakes in flavors such as peppermint and pineapple. You can always opt for traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, too. The thoughtful customer service is also a throwback to a gentler, simpler time. Staffers take orders with a smile and customers remark on the kindness they are shown. Some regulars say the friendly BFF staff remembers their orders every time they come in!

This type of solicitous service can be experienced when you buy local. Independent entrepreneurs are usually very hands-on in running their businesses and they spend a great deal of time getting to know their customers and what they want. And it’s obvious in the unmatched quality in goods and services. Restaurants with unique menus, such as Burgers, Fish & Fries, draw customers who are looking for something different. A community with several of these types of restaurants and shops makes a name for itself as a popular, off-the-beaten-track destination, and that is a major reason why Grossmont Center is more than a mall. Our “shop local” tenants offer Center visitors many enticing reasons to come and spend time here—and return again and again.   

When you come to Grossmont Center, make sure you have an empty stomach. Burgers, Fish & Fries is waiting to serve you a satisfying meal that will fill you up!

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