Boyd Anderson Photography Creates Picture-Perfect Life Moments

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”–Andy Warhol

We treasure photos because they forever capture an instant in time. Our children may be grown (and even have children of their own) but their baby photos immediately take us back. We can remember exactly what it felt like to hold our precious infants in our arms. Family photos, school portraits, engagement pictures—they all are cherished keepsakes because they make permanent what is a transitory moment.

Boyd Anderson Photography specializes in capturing these everlasting memories in pictures. The Grossmont Center photo studio is a community fixture that provides all kinds of professional portrait services.

“We like to say that we preserve tomorrow’s memories today,” says owner Denise Stickney. “It is an honor whenever we are selected to take a portrait because we are creating something special for our customers that can be part of their lives forever. Our photos are given to relatives and loved ones, and put in albums or framed and hung on the walls of a home. We enjoy commemorating these milestones.”

Boyd Anderson Photography is well-known in the La Mesa area for its school portraits, as it works with several local campuses. In addition to school photos, the studio is in demand when high school students need a professional to take their senior portraits. These shoots are quick and seamless, with the photo studio’s employees expertly putting students at ease and coordinating any wardrobe changes—they can even help students pick out what tie or necklace to wear. Boyd Anderson Photography also makes the appointment process simple with online booking.

Families also go to the studio to get portraits of their babies and children. The photographers are especially adept at working with young ones to get even the most camera shy among them to crack a smile. Family portraits are also popular. The photographers employ traditional yet creative compositions to make each picture shine and capture the true spirit of a family. The studio also takes engagement photos and portraits of executives. Plus, you can find a selection of frames as well as gift certificates that make an ideal present for a baby shower, anniversary, or birthday.

The employees are all noted for their friendliness, from the front desk staff to the photographers. Providing efficient, helpful service, staff can answer any questions about photo shoots, so customers can get exactly the end result they are looking for. Teeming with professionalism, there is an incredible attention to detail in the photo shoots, and that includes keeping the studio clean, well-organized and always ready for a shoot.

This kind of customer care is a signature of small, family-run businesses where you can shop local. Boyd Anderson Photography is a true success story that began more than 50 years ago right here in San Diego. Boyd Anderson and his wife, Barbara, founded the studio at its original El Cajon location. The Andersons retired in 1991, selling the business to Denise Stickney and her husband, John (who had his own senior portrait taken at the studio and began working there a few years after that). Now based at Grossmont Center, Boyd Anderson Photography still has the same values of dedication to the community and to the craft of photography that were there at the beginning.

Those customer-oriented values are familiar to anyone who has made it a habit to buy local. At Grossmont Center, these locally owned shops, restaurants, and service providers aim for the highest quality in what they bring to the community. This includes their products, their customer service, and their commitment to invest in La Mesa to make this city a wonderful place to live, work, and shop local. The Stickneys have long lived in the area and know what their customers want. They understand the community and are proud to support it in any way they can. Known as a beloved local business, this studio has drawn loyal customers over the years and experienced continued growth.  

When you spend time and money on something as important as a photo shoot, you want to ensure you are getting the best. At Boyd Anderson Photography, you will get pictures you love as well as the satisfaction of supporting the community by shopping local. Don’t let the moment pass you by. Take a picture—and it will last forever.


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