Back-to-School Shopping Made Easy At Grossmont Center

It may be hard to think of going back to school while you’re enjoying summer break with your family. Actually, this is the perfect time to take advantage of great deals on everything you need for the coming school year at Grossmont Center. With a wide selection of supplies offered at affordable prices, our retailers make back-to-school shopping as easy as ABC! Here is a handy guide to help you prep for the first day of school.

School Clothes

Your kids have probably outgrown most of their clothes from last year. Stock up on fashionable basics so that they can go back to school in style. Walmart offers fantastic prices on leggings, shorts, tees, and more. At Target, the Cat & Jack line of children’s clothing draws raves for its trendy, vibrantly colored garments as well as for the one-year quality guarantee. (The latter is especially helpful if you’ve got an active child who regularly comes home from school with holes in the knees of their pants!)

School-age girls are well aware of current fashion trends, and accessories are an affordable way to elevate a look to stay on trend. Claire’s is the go-to store for tweens and teens who want a glittery pair of hoop earrings, a statement pendant necklace, or a stack of bracelets. Claire’s is also a good place to get wallets, scarves, or even cute bags for toting PE clothes. Younger girls will find plenty of things to love at Samantha’s Children’s Boutique. While the shop is renowned for its custom party dresses, the stock also includes everyday items such as hair bows and headbands that look adorable on preschoolers and young elementary school kids. 

Of course, if your kid is like most kids, their feet have grown another shoe size over the summer, which means they need new school shoes. Famous Footwear has popular brands, so your kids will hardly miss wearing their summer flip-flops when they go back to school. Plus, the store often has promotions where you can buy a pair and get a second for half price—purchase a pair your child can wear now, and then another in the next size up for when your child invariably outgrows their shoes again in a few months!

School Supplies

There is a certain excitement to buying new school supplies—organizing a brand-new backpack with freshly sharpened pencils, colorful markers, and empty notebooks waiting to be filled. School supplies are an integral part of back-to-school shopping, and Grossmont Center retailers have it all, from lunch bags to rulers to reams of lined paper. Target and Walmart, of course, have a wide selection but don’t forget Dollar Tree. The discount store offers can’t-be-beat prices on supplies. (Help out your child’s teacher and buy some classroom supplies, such as glue or extra pens, for the upcoming school year.) You can also set the tone for the school year by picking up some math workbooks or SAT prep books at Barnes & Noble; don’t forget a Starbucks card if you’ve got a college student who will spend many late nights this school year cramming for tests and writing essays.   

Teens going off to college have additional requirements when it comes to the notion of school supplies. Setting up a comfortable dorm room is important—you need the basics, such as bedding and bathroom caddies, as well as amenities such as cool wall art or a mini-fridge. Superstores such as Target and Walmart are great resources for dorm furnishings; for students who have an international flair in their style, Cost Plus World Market has attractive home decor accessories that give any dorm room a unique look. 

Tech and Gadgets

Kids need to be plugged in to the latest tech when they go back to school. They may need a laptop to take notes in class, noise-canceling headphones for studying, or a cell phone to let mom or dad know when they need to be picked up from school (and they’ll probably be doing a fair amount of texting their friends, too!) 

Major cell phone carriers have locations at Grossmont Center, so you can buy a new phone or tablet, or make sure your family plan is dialed in for the coming school year. Check out My Wireless AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Sprint Store by Wireless Choice, T-Mobile, or Verizon Wireless.

School Lunches

Back to school means you’re also back to making lunches. Make sure your child’s lunch box is filled with healthy and delicious choices by shopping at Trader Joe’s. The popular grocery chain is renowned for its selection and its prices. Stock your pantry with juice boxes, granola bars, nut butters, chips, and other nonperishable goodies so that you’re ready before that first school bell rings. When it comes to water, make the environmentally friendly choice and skip the plastic bottles in favor of a reusable bottle; you can find those, in various sizes and colors, at Walmart or Target.

Extra Credit

Technically, a haircut isn’t considered shopping, but after a long summer of swimming, surfing, and playing outdoors, your child could probably use a trim before going back to school. Youngsters get special treatment at Kids Hair Salon, with plenty of TVs, car-shaped chairs, and friendly stylists. Older kids can get a new hairstyle for school at Fantastic Sams

Come to Grossmont Center, your destination for all your back-to-school shopping, all in one place. You’ll give the experience an A+ for convenience and affordability!

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