12 Christmas Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

When it comes to gifts, Christmas is traditionally a holiday for children. Think of the heartwarming scene of kids scampering from their beds on Christmas morning and rushing to the family’s holiday tree, where piles of presents—toys, games, sports equipment, bikes—are waiting to be eagerly unwrapped. 

But what about the parents? What do they get for Christmas, aside from a sleepless night on Christmas Eve assembling toys and wrapping presents? Parents may not always make it to the top of holiday shopping lists because it probably seems like they already have everything they need. This year, play Santa and visit Grossmont Center to get special and unique gifts for parents who have everything. They know that you love them, but it’s always nice to show that love with a thoughtful present!

1. For the Overworked Parent, Get: A Massage  

Today’s parents have a lot on their plates. Give them a much-deserved break with a gift certificate for a soothing massage. Not only does a massage feel terrific, but it also has health benefits such as pain relief and stress reduction. Avia Salon & Day Spa offers a great variety of massages, including aromatherapy, Swedish, and warm stone. If you really want to go all out, check out the deluxe spa packages for the ultimate in pampering.

2. For the Dad Who Means Everything to You, Get: A Statement Timepiece

Your father always makes time for you, no matter how busy he is. Show him that you take time for him by gifting him with a stately wristwatch. San Diego Time Zone carries some of the most trusted brands in watches, such as Citizen®, Seiko, Bulova, Kenneth Cole, and Swiss Army®. San Diego Time Zone employees are incredibly knowledgeable and can help you select the best watch to fit your father’s lifestyle. The shop also provides expert repair service; your father’s gift will last for many, many Christmases to come. 

3. For the Mom Who Wants to Stay in Touch, Get: A New Cell Phone

Stay connected with your mom whether you live near or far by making sure she has the latest technology in mobile phones. Grossmont Center features all the major wireless phone carriers, including AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Sprint Store by Wireless Choice, T-Mobile, Touch-Tel Wireless, and Verizon Wireless. Each of these stores has plenty of phones to choose from, as well as a variety of phone plans if you need to get one of those for mom, too. Don’t forget to throw in some accessories, such as an attractive phone case or a car charger. Now all you need to remember is to call your mother!

4. For the Parent Looking for a New Hobby, Get: Music Lessons

Parents whose kids are out of the house are probably finding themselves with a lot of free time on their hands. Now is the perfect time for them to take up a new hobby, such as learning to play a musical instrument. Guitar Center not only has the instruments, selling everything from guitars to symphonic horns, but it also offers lessons taught by experienced musicians. If your parent wants to try a few different instruments to see which one he or she likes best, rental options are also available.

5. For the Parent Who Likes to Decorate for the Holidays, Get: New Christmas Decor

Can you barely see the branches on your parents’ Christmas tree because they are so heavily festooned with lights and ornaments? Do they put up wreaths and other holiday decor before Thanksgiving comes around? Then you know they will appreciate a new object to add to their festive display. Target will help you deck their halls with a wide variety of decorations in different styles and themes. Especially popular are holiday items such as stockings and greenery from Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia line. 

6. For the (Grand)Parent Who Likes to Brag About the Grandkids, get: A Photo Gift

Of course, your parents think that your kids are the best ever. (And why wouldn’t they? Your kids are pretty terrific!) Let your parents wear their hearts on their sleeve (or more accurately, their shirt) by emblazoning a garment with a photo of the adorable grandkids. This is easy to do at Masry Custom T-Shirt. Bring the photo in, and the store employees can help you craft the perfect design. If your parents are not the T-shirt-wearing types, you can customize tote bags, throw pillows, sweatshirts, and much more.

7. For the Parent Who is a Bookworm, Get: The Latest Hardcover Bestsellers

If your mom loves hosting book club or your dad spends Sundays engrossed in the latest spy thriller or autobiography, feed their love of reading with a stack of books. Barnes & Noble® has all the latest titles, and the superstore generally offers great prices and deals on purchases. Put together a gift basket any reader would love by including clip-on reading lights, bookmarks, and bookplates. You can also throw in a gift card they can use when they’ve finished reading all the books you got them for the holidays!

8. For the Parent Who is a Film Freak, Get: A Day at the Movies

One of the best Christmas gifts for parents who have everything isn’t a thing but an experience, ideally one that you can share with them. Get them a gift card to Reading Cinemas Grossmont with Titan XC and set a date for you to meet them for a movie. While you are watching the film, you all can enjoy wine, beer, and cocktails as well as a full menu of delectable snacks and main dishes that are a world away from plain popcorn and Milk Duds. This is a gift that is sure to get two thumbs up!

9. For the Parent with Gourmet Tastes, Get: A Set of Restaurant Gift Cards

Your parents may be fabulous cooks, but why not give them a night off from slaving away over the stove so that they can savor a dinner out? Grossmont Center has an eclectic lineup of restaurants serving appetizing dishes that will please your parents’ palates. Purchase gift cards from a variety of restaurants, such as Casa de Pico, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Claim Jumper®, Red Lobster®, Olive Garden®, and Hooleys Public House. With all this great food, this is a gift idea that is sure to hit the spot!

10. For the Parent Who Wants to Stop Time, Get: A Child-Made Work of Art

Anyone who is a parent knows that time goes by all too quickly. Before you know it, your sweet babies are leaving the house to go to college. Preserve a special moment in time by bringing kids to CeramiCafe to create a hand-painted ceramic piece that will be a treasured keepsake and one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. One of the most popular gift ideas for younger parents is to put the child’s handprints on a ceramic plate or plaque and then paint on his or her name and age. 

11. For the Active Older Parent, Get: Fitness Classes

Seniors today are living vibrant lives and staying in great shape (they need to keep up with the grandkids, after all). Help them stay physically fit by giving them a set of classes at Oasis Wellness Center. The center serves adults ages 50 and up by providing classes in Zumba, yoga, t’ai chi, balance and strength, and several types of dance. Parents can also stay moving and active by going on an excursion organized by the Oasis Lifelong Learning Center, which is also housed at Grossmont Center. 

12. For the Parent with a Sweet Tooth, Get: A Box of Candy

Who can resist a box of luscious chocolates and confections, filled with nuts, creams, caramels, and other delectable treats? This gift is even more irresistible when it comes from See’s Candies®. The beloved chocolate shop offers plenty of pre-packed boxes in a variety of sizes, or you can fill a custom box with all of your parents’ favorite candies. This is not a gift that will last forever, but it sure will be delicious while it does last!

Finding gifts for parents who have everything is brilliantly simple when you shop at Grossmont Center. You can discover so many great ideas at our stores and restaurants, and our spacious parking lots and easy freeway access take the stress out of shopping during the holidays. Who says kids have all the fun at Christmas? Come to Grossmont  Center and buy something special to put under the tree for the parents in your family!

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