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Every community should have an all-purpose hair salon. It is a place where everyone can go to get their hair done. Men run in for a quick trim with clippers or women get a touch-up on their color. Families come in, and everyone can get a haircut at the same time for the ultimate convenience. At Grossmont Center, La Mesa has this kind of salon in Fantastic Sams®.

The locally owned franchise of this well-known national salon chain is managed by Scott Channell. He says the hairstylists on his team understand the importance of customer service when it comes to running a successful salon.

“In our business, it is so important to listen to each customer and make sure we clearly understand what they want their hair to look like,” Channell says. “Otherwise, a customer can end up with a style or color they don’t want. We want all our clients to leave feeling satisfied and looking great, so we take the time to give that personalized attention to everyone who comes through our doors.”

That starts with a complimentary client consultation before any haircut. Once the stylist and the customer are on the same page, work gets underway. All cuts come with a shampoo; you can opt to have your hair tousle dried or get a blowout instead. They also include fs shampoo therapy™, which offers a deeply soothing three-minute scalp massage.

Fantastic Sams® also has a complete menu of color services for hair. They include single-process permanent color, retouching, men’s color, color correction, highlights, and trendy colors. All color treatments include a blowout, so you can see how gorgeous your new hue looks.

If you don’t need a cut or color, but you do need your hair done for a big event, the salon offers styling. That can be a blowout for straight, sleek locks, setting and curling hair for bouncy waves, and even braids or updos. For a longer-lasting look, get permed curls, a smoothing treatment, a relaxer, or permanent straightening.

You can also stop at the salon for hair maintenance. Tresses that need a little extra TLC can be lavished with Moisture Replenishing, Protein Repair, or Hair Detox Therapy treatments. Quick beard and bang trims, or even hair removal from the brow, lip, or chin areas are also available. This allows you to still look great between regular appointments. Don’t forget to purchase the in-house line of FS hair products for a salon-fresh style every day!

At Fantastic Sams®, the goal is to greet everyone with a smile, something the friendly stylists here are experts at doing. Customers are always made to feel welcome, whether they have an appointment or just walk in for a haircut. In fact, several customers develop great relationships with their stylists and request them for all their appointments. This is a level of commitment that is common among employees at businesses where you can shop local. In addition to this desire to please customers, local entrepreneurs also share a strong work ethic. This tireless devotion to customers and the larger community results in a special kind of business. People want to patronize these types of places, and their support encourages the businesses’ continued growth. When local shops thrive, the community thrives—for every dollar spent at a small business, 67 cents stays local. Small businesses are the backbone of a healthy local economy and a vibrant community.

Where you spend your money matters. When you buy local at boutiques, restaurants, or service providers, you support the people working hard to make our community a better place to live. So when it is time to get your hair done, go local and visit Fantastic Sams®. You will end up looking, well, fantastic!


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