A Toast to BevMo!

In La Mesa, any party host worth their salt knows the secret to a successful gathering is the BevMo! at Grossmont Center. Wines for a dinner party, beers for a barbecue, cocktail supplies for a fancy soiree—BevMo! has it all!

At BevMo! the motto is, “Shopping for beverages should be as much fun as drinking them.” There is definitely a celebratory vibe in the store, as employees help customers find a delicious craft brew they have never tried before, or discuss just which sparkling wine to serve during a birthday toast. It also helps that the store hosts weekly tasting events on Sundays!

“To host a fun and memorable get-together, you need to pay attention to the details. The right beverage selection is one of those special touches that your guests will appreciate and remember,” Manager Marlon Mendia says. “We can help you curate the ideal drinks menu for any occasion, and our great prices and deals make it affordable for any budget.”

Where to start? A good place to begin is with the beverages themselves. The wine selection alone is impressive. A seemingly limitless supply of reds, whites, rosés, Champagnes, bubbly, and dessert wines line the shelves. Once you have narrowed down the type of wine you want, you still have numerous other options: the region or country where the wine was produced, the vintage, the price point…the list goes on.

For beer lovers, BevMo! is also ripe with possibilities. Trendy craft brews sit side by side with malt liquors, and the chain’s buyers have compiled a terrific lineup of domestic and imported beers. Brews can be purchased by the can, bottle, or keg; variety packs are perfect when you want to give your guests a lot of options. Hard cider, which is made from fermented apples, has a rich history in America dating back to the country’s earliest days, and it has recently surged in popularity as a nice alternative to beer. You can find plenty of tasty choices at BevMo!; in addition to straightforward apple, flavors include pear, blackberry, and rosé. 

Then there is the harder stuff, the spirits and liquors that seemingly go down on their own or as part of a handcrafted cocktail. BevMo! carries spirits including vodka, tequila, gin, brandy, rum, whiskey, and liqueurs; for novice bartenders, prepared cocktail mixes are a breeze to make and serve. The shop also sells sake and plum wines, as well as unique premium beverages—how many other places can you go and pick up a nearly $4,000 bottle of Jose Cuervo® tequila for a very special occasion?

The beverage selection is not limited to alcoholic drinks. Nondrinkers can satisfy their thirst with an array of sodas. The big names are all represented here, of course, as well as more idiosyncratic choices such as ginger ale, ginger beer, root beer, cream soda, and fizzy soft drinks in sweet flavors such as grape, cherry, mandarin orange, and grapefruit. Plus, there are many variations on water: flavored seltzers, coconut water, tonic and sparkling varieties, too.

BevMo! was originally called “Beverages & More!,” and the store certainly lives up to that name. Drinks may be a large part of the inventory, but they are definitely not the only thing sold here. Glassware ranges from plastic party-ready cups to chic Champagne flutes. Mix drinks like a pro with barware items such as cocktail shakers and stirrers, or get other handy items including wine aerators, straws, or bottle openers. Serve some snacks with your drinks and put together a nice spread of chocolates, chips, crackers, cheese, or nuts for your guests. (And if you are going to a party and not giving it, pick out a special bottle for a hostess gift and pop it in one of the gift bags available for purchase.)

BevMo! is popular for its service as well as its selection. The knowledgeable and friendly sales associates take the time to walk you through all of your choices and offer impeccable advice on what drinks to serve. Delivery is available at the Grossmont Center location; you can even order online and pick up your drinks—perfectly chilled, if necessary—in store. For large events such as weddings or office parties, BevMo! provides valuable services such as personalized assistance from one of the store’s event specialists, a beverage calculator, private tastings, and complimentary delivery for orders over a certain dollar amount.

Of course, you can’t talk about BevMo! without mentioning the chain’s famous deals. The company is perhaps best known for its 5 cent specials, but there are plenty of other promotional offers that make BevMo! such an attractive place to shop. You can reap even more benefits by joining ClubBev!, which gives you the scoop on new products and invites to special store events.

So raise a glass to BevMo! It has everything you need to throw the perfect, stress-free party—and who wouldn’t toast to that?

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