Othentik Gym – Every Wednesday! Free Get Fit Class at 11:15AM

  • Bring your baby to “Mini-Me Bootcamp” for a complimentary, fun stroller fitness class. Meet at Othentik Gym for a yoga warm up, then stroll with baby, and finish with a Pilates workout.
  • Our 1– 1.5-mile fitness walk is inspired by Grossmont Center’s Get Fit walking map
  • Each innovative class is designed to balance the fitness needs of parents while they spend quality time with their babies, and it’s a great way to meet other parents who are passionate about nutrition, fitness and creating healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Have a sibling? No problem – drop off brother or sister at Othentik Gym for an engaging 60-minute music and movement class for kids 2-5 years old for just $5 per child.

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